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Zlin design week published the results of research on perception of inclusive design

Zlin design week published the results of research in which it focused on the perception of inclusive design of the emerging generation of Czech designers and architects under 30 years of age.

The aim of the research was not only to better understand how universal design is perceived by young Czech designers, their interests and motivations, but also to identify differences in the approach to inclusive design within the European environment.

For example, quantitative research showed that 74% of the representatives of this generation are familiar with the concept of universal design, and 59% of them would be interested in having universal design as a subject included in teaching or even a separate field. You can get acquainted with the research at

The research was created within the framework of the Design for All platform and is one of the outcomes of our two-year project collaboration on Universal Design together with Zlin Design Week and Design and Architecture Norway.

Research Zlín Design Week
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